Cannabis for Medical Use Register (CMUR)


A patient must be registered on the Cannabis for Medical Use Register (CMUR) before being prescribed medical cannabis under MCAP.

The Consultant Neurologist / Oncologist must make an application to register the patient on the Cannabis for Medical Use Register. The HSE Cannabis for Medical Use Register Application form must be completed by the prescribing medical consultant and the patient/parent/guardian.

Step 1
Email: to request a (CMUR) application form

Step 2
Complete the application form with the patient/parent/guardian and return to the PCRS

Step 3
Within 48 hours the CMUR number will be provided to the prescribing consultant and a CMUR prescription book

Step 4
A patient prescription will be registered by the HSE through the Drug Payment Scheme and an Admin Code applied

All products prescribed by medical consultants and supplied through community pharmacies will be aligned to a patient’s eligibility under the Community Drug Schemes (Medical Card, Long Term Illness Scheme and Drugs Payment Scheme).

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