Oleo hosts a range of events for parents, patients, carers, families, and healthcare professionals.

We also sponsor, exhibit, and attend several events across the world to stay current in this sector.


2nd-4th May 2023, London, UK (Exhibiting)
The European cannabis industry is entering arguably its most important phase, what happens next will define the future of the market. With global interest in the sector growing exponentially and key countries such as Germany on the brink of legalisation, Europe is well-positioned to assert itself as the new hub of cannabis.
As we work towards a more mature legal industry in Europe, trusted insights and exceptional networking opportunities are paramount to the growth of the sector.
Cannabis Europa delivers cutting-edge knowledge from senior government officials, leading scientific experts and some of the most influential businesses in the industry.
14th April 2023, Irish Medical Times
An interview with our medical adviser Prof Dympna Waldron MD FRCPI
To read more -> Irish Medical Times
14th April 2023, Irish Medical Times
An interview with Richard Creagh on our mHealth app OleoCare
To read more -> Irish Medical Times
25th Feb 2023, Dublin, Ireland (Sponsor)
The Cannabis Summit was created to show why Ireland is an ideal investment location for North American businesses looking to enter the emerging European cannabis market. Due to its competitive corporate tax rates, favourable business climate, legal system, and highly educated workforce, Ireland is the preferred European hub for household names in the North American tech and pharmaceutical sectors.
You can see more videos and photos from the event here.
10th Nov 2022, Panel Discussion
See the panel discussion with Dr. Vlad Claudiu Gavri and Prof Dympna Waldron where they discuss Medical Cannabis treatment in Ireland and Germany.
10th Nov 2022
Prof Dympna Waldron MD FRCPI is a Prof of Palliative Medicine Saolta Hospitals Group/ National University of Galway, Ireland.
In this video she discusses how medical cannabis can help patients with Cancer.
24th May 2022, 6pm GMT (Free online webinar)
Heleen Kuijper - Tissot van Patot

Since 2003, medical cannabis has been available to patients on a doctor’s prescription through pharmacies in the Netherlands. On average, about 10,000 people, with various indications use medical cannabis. It is used for symptom control such as pain and nausea/vomiting, spasms and pain in multiple sclerosis and palliative care.

The medical cannabis in the Netherlands is grown according to pharmaceutical guidelines, where the end product is guaranteed to be free of heavy metals, pesticides and other contamination. The composition, as with ordinary drugs, is always the same. The cannabis from illegal (home) cultivation, for example is not.

Clinical Cannabis Care is a pharmacy specialized exclusively in medical cannabis and the preparation of medical cannabis oil. In practice, patients, doctors and pharmacists have many questions about the correct use of medical cannabis. Due to a lack of knowledge, there are still many misunderstandings about medical cannabis.

It is important that the treatment of patients, who (may) benefit from the use of medical cannabis, takes place in a responsible manner and under medical supervision. It is time to sort out the facts and myths about medical cannabis!
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