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Live sessions should be used to track symptoms in real-time when medication is inhaled due to the rapid absorption of the cannabinoids.
Previous sessions should be used to record earlier sessions or where medication is more slowly absorbed when using cannabis oil drops
A live session should start together with your first inhalation
You can begin to feel the effects of cannabis within 2 to 10 minutes. The effects peak around 10 minutes after consumption and typically last 1 to 3 hours, you can end the session at any time within this period. A session will automatically end after 15 minutes of inactivity.
A patient will rate their symptoms on a scale of none-10, none representing the absence of a symptom, 1-3 for mild symptoms, 4-7 for moderate symptons and 8-10 for serere symptoms
You can report any adverse effects and the end of a session
At the moment you will not know if your doctor/consultant has viewed your session history.
You can report an issue or send feedback relating to OleoCare app through our online support form
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