Oleo Panacea Inhaler

Oleo's Panacea inhaler is a dry herb digital inhaler and available to buy on Amazon.  Since July 2022 our inhaler is available to suitable patient's on the MCAP.

Dial-in the Perfect Temperature

The Panacea offers the optimum temperature range starting from 100°C and ending at 230°C (212°F – 446°F). The convection heater only needs 30 seconds to quickly heat your material.

Oleo Panacea Inhaler

10 Sessions Per Charge

The Panacea inhaler can go through 10 sessions per charge.

Oleo Panacea

Health and Safety

The mouthpiece is made from the highest quality food-grade material. This combined with an isolated airpath produces clean and smooth vapor.

Oleo Panacea mouth piece


Simple magnetic connections allow for quick and easy attachment of the mouthpiece and accessories. The flip-out mouthpiece creates a stealthy low-profile design that has ease of use in mind.

What’s Included

1*  Oleo Panacea Inhaler
1*  USB Cable
1*  Packing Tool
1*  Cleaning Brush
1*  Quick Guide

Panacea package


Register your inhaler HERE to activate your warranty.

We would like to hear if you have any issues with using our Oleo Panacea Inhaler, please use our inhaler support form including as much detail as possible.

More Details...
The Panacea should only be used by persons of legal age in accordance with state or federal law. Oleo products are not intended for any use which is illegal under any state or federal law. If you are pregnant, nursing, taking medication for a medical condition, please consult your physician before using any Oleo products.
  • Keep your device out of reach of children and pets.
  • Do not use the device if it appears to be damaged, broken or is operating in an unusual manner
Oleo product replacement
This warranty provides free replacement of an authentic Oleo product if it malfunctions due to manufacturing defects. This warranty does not cover artificial or accidental damage.

Void of warranty
Any one of the following conditions will void the warranty:
  1. Failure to provide original receipt of purchase.
  2. Product failure or damage due to improper use or unauthorized repair or alteration.
  3. Product failure or damage due to the use of excessive force or user negligence (i.e. dropping the device, submerging the device in liquids, etc.).
  4. Product failure or damage caused by using incompatible parts or wires (i.e. using the wrong power cable, etc.).

Voiding the warranty is not limited to the conditions stated above. This warranty only covers authentic Oleo brand products and is valid for two years from the user’s date of purchase
Size: 68.3mm x 27.9mm x 54.8mm
Battery Capacity: 1500 mAh
Temperature Range: 100°C - 230°C (212°F - 446°F)
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