Oleo Card


Applying for an Oleo Card

Oleo Medical Cannabis card

To apply for an Oleo Medical Cannabis ID card you will need 4 forms of identification and a recent valid photo

  1. Evidence of Identification* (must show proof of date of birth & recent photo), i.e. Current valid Passport, current valid Driving Licence.
  2. Evidence of Address* (must show address where you currently live) dated within the last three months) i.e. Original of recent Utility Bill, Original Recent Bank/Credit Card Statement, Government correspondence.
  3. Evidence of your Cannabis for Medical Use Register (CMUR) number
  4. Recent valid photo.  Please see Oleo's photo guidelines for more information.

Make sure you have read our privacy policy before sending any information

Proof of Identification and address must be certified by a Garda or Notary.

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Some of the benefits of the Oleo Medical Cannabis ID Card
  • Proof of recommendation from a Consultant to use cannabis for medical purposes
  • Reduce stigma associated with medical cannabis
  • Access to our educational platform which focuses on safe and responsible use
Card printer provider process
  • Patient photos are sent to our card printer provider via a secure file server
  • Names, ID numbers, and addresses are sent separately.
  • Cards and certificates are printed and posted to their home address.
  • 48 hours after confirmation of the posting, the information on card provider servers is deleted.
Photo Guidelines
Photo provider
  • Visit a photo provider, e.g a pharmacy or photographer who will take your photo and provide it to you in digital form
  • Your photo can be either emailed to you or it can be saved to a digital storage device such as a USB key
  • Your photo must be accessible on the device you are using to apply online
Photo taken using phone
  • Get someone to take your photo, it cannot be a selfie or from a webcam
  • Do not use the zooming function when using a digital camera or smartphone
  • The photo should capture the image from head to mid-torso
Posture and visuals
  • Background should be plain, light grey, white or cream and please no door frames or other objects visible.
  • Your photo must be in focus, lighting, and colour should be balanced, not too dark or too light
  • No shadows on your face or behind your head
  • Keep hair off your face and make sure all facial features are visible
  • When wearing glasses, make sure there is no glare on the lens and eyes are visible
  • Have a neutral expression, keep the mouth closed and refrain from smiling
  • Look straight into the camera, do not tilt your head up/down or left /right
  • Please have a visible space between the head and shoulders and the edge of your photo to ensure the face is not too close to the camera
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