Mary Jane Berlin provided the perfect stage for Oleo to unveil its ground breaking product, capturing the attention of attendees and industry experts alike. A Global Stage of Innovation with more than 250 exhibitors from around the world. Mary Jane Berlin is undeniably the pinnacle of industry trade fairs. Oleo proudly stood among these innovative companies, showcasing our passion for advancing medical cannabis solutions. Our presence illuminated the diverse landscape of cannabis offerings, from start-ups with fresh ideas to established giants shaping the industry’s future.

Spotlight on Innovation

At Mary Jane Berlin, it’s not just about showcasing products; it’s a platform for sharing knowledge and sparking meaningful discussions. Oleo took this opportunity to connect with renowned national and international hemp experts, engaging in conversations that delved deep into the nuances of the industry. These discussions enriched our understanding and fuelled our commitment to pushing the boundaries of medical cannabis.

Our standout product, the medical cannabis inhaler/vape, captured the attention and imagination of the event’s attendees. Designed to provide a controlled and convenient method of medical cannabis consumption. It’s a testament to Oleo’s dedication to patient-centric innovation, and what truly sets this product apart is the integration of cutting-edge tracking technology.

By incorporating a connection that enables attending doctors to monitor consumption frequency and quantity, we’ve elevated the level of patient care and safety. This technology empowers medical professionals to ensure that patients adhere to prescribed doses while offering a mechanism to prevent misuse. The ability to remotely deactivate the device if the maximum prescribed dosage is exceeded shows our commitment to responsible usage and patient well-being.

Celebrating on the Banks of the Spree

Beyond the business aspect, Mary Jane Berlin offered a festive celebration of cannabis culture. Situated along the banks of the Spree River, the event’s location provided a picturesque backdrop for attendees to immerse themselves in the experience. Oleo was thrilled to contribute to this atmosphere by showcasing our innovation and joining in the spirit of celebration.

Looking Forward

As Oleo, we’re honoured to have been part of the Mary Jane Berlin event that unites the global cannabis community. The recognition and interest generated by our medical cannabis inhaler/vape serve as a testament to the dedication and hard work of our team. With every event, we’re not only showcasing our products but also sharing our vision for the future of medical cannabis. Read more about Oleo’s participation in the Yippy Green feature.

Oleo team @ Mary Jane
Oleo at Mary Jane, Berlin 2023