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Oleo Medical Cannabis card

Medical Cannabis Card by Oleo

Oleo has launched an Oleo Medical Cannabis ID Card for patients of medical cannabis in Ireland. Launch in November 2022 it’s a welcome development in how to approach medical cannabis in Ireland.

Why a Medical Cannabis Card?

An Oleo Medical Cannabis Card will alleviate the need to carry proof of your medical cannabis prescription. It will hold all the necessary details of your prescription on a single card.

What is the OLEO Medical Cannabis Card?

The Oleo Medical Cannabis Card is the same size as other cards in your wallet. It contains your photo and the details of your medical cannabis prescription including your Cannabis for Medical Use Register (CMUR) number. Once you apply for the card it is sent to our HIPAA & GPPR compliant printer provider via a secure file server with names addresses and private details sent separately. Cards will be printed and posted to your home. To ensure the security of patients’ details all information is deleted from the card provider’s server within 48 hours of posting.

Will I be approved for a medical cannabis card for my condition?

If you are a holder of a medical cannabis prescription, you will qualify for an Oleo Medical Cannabis Card.

Medical Marijuana Card benefits?

The Oleo Medical Cannabis Card allows patients to show proof of their medical cannabis prescription in many situations-

  • Concerts
  • Events
  • Road traffic stops

Can I use Medical Marijuana Cards in other countries?

No, The Oleo Medical Cannabis Card is only valid in Ireland. Many countries have their own form of Cannabis ID Cards.

Do all dispensaries accept medical cannabis cards?

No, the card is not recognised by pharmacies dispensing medical cannabis. It cannot be used to collect a medical cannabis prescription.

How do I apply?

Once you are in receipt of a valid medical cannabis prescription you can apply for the Oleo card at The process of applying is simple once you have the information needed such as an address, CMUR number, and proof of identification.
Photo guidelines for the card are similar to other forms of ID such as a passport and driving license. We would recommend attending a pharmacy or photo provider that can take your photo and provide it in a digital format. The photo must be accessible on the device you use to apply for the Oleo Card such as your smart phone. Patients can use their phones to take a photo, but it cannot be a selfie or a webcam. We would recommend asking someone to take your photo for you.

Holders of an Oleo Card will have access to Oleo’s online educational platform which focuses on safe and responsible use. Medical cannabis is still a heavily stigmatised subject in Ireland. Patients often fear a reaction from family, friends and wider society. Carrying an Oleo Card can help patients illustrate the normality of medical cannabis and help start conversations with family, friends and employers. The card will also address and reduce the stigma associated with medical cannabis.

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